Tuesday, June 1, 2010

ESPN The Magazine, Padres Yearbook

On the May 31st issue of ESPN The Magazine, the Padres were the subject of the Jock High Yearbook. With Heath Bell being the Yearbook Editor, giving us some insight on player personalities and clubhouse behavior.

Straight from the Magazine
Class Clown- Chris Young - He loves to play pranks and blame it on others. Two things he's known for: putting candy in our shows and posting embarrassing or unflattering pictures of guys on the wall.
Team Flirt- Luke Gregerson - He's got a good body, and he loves to walk around without a shirt. He also rides his skateboard to the ballpark. He's our little Mr. People magazine.
Team Nerd- Tim Stauffer- Is a bullpen guy, so he's supposed to be weird and stupid. But actually he's really smart. He's a big reader and always analyzes everything.
Teacher's Pet- Adrian Gonzalez- He loves our manager Bud Black. He calls him Harry, his real first name, and tells him we should do this or that. Then again, Adrian will probably be a manager someday, so maybe he's just picking Bud's brain about everything.
Party Animal- Now that Jake Peavy's gone, I'll say Mat Latos. He's always coming in with stories about going here or there and doing this or that. He really likes to get it going, so nobody likes to hang out with him.
Next American Idol- Oscar Salazar has a nice voice, but ill go with Jerry Hairston Jr. He may be up there in age, but he's definitely what Idol wants. He's an all around guy, a triple threat: sings, dances and looks good. Here is the scan of the article.
A great article, showing the great chemistry this team has, and the  free spirit of Heath Bell. All credit to ESPN The Magazine for this content.

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